11 Ways Marketing Is Like Dating


1.  Always look your best.

Your brand sends a powerful visual message about who you are. Will you wow them or disappoint? It’s all up to you.

2.  Less about you. More about them.

Tell your customers what’s in it for them, and not much else. Droning on and on about yourself is a buzz kill.

Here’s how to write a customer-centric value proposition.

3.  Don’t come on too strong.

You don’t like a hard sell and neither do your customers.

4.  Don’t be cheap.

Cutting corners will make your company look cheap and does not inspire confidence.

Learn how to budget for marketing success.

5.  Keep it classy.

Trashing the competition says more about you than it does about them, and not in a good way. Take the high road.

6. No one likes a phony.

Potential customers want to see the real you. Authenticity builds trust and respect.

Find out why authenticity matters more now than ever before. 

7.  Show some personality.

Distinguish yourself, because “solutions providers,” and “one stop shops” are a dime a dozen. What is it that really makes you special?

8.  If there’s a connection, you’ll feel it.

Emotion is your friend. The best marketing moves people. Make your customers feel something and they will remember you.

9.  Forget about love at first sight. Building relationships takes time.

You can’t launch a campaign and expect sales to roll in the next day.

Start with a plan. Follow these 6 steps to aerospace marketing success.

10.  Leave them wanting more.

From websites to ads, leave something to the imagination. Give your prospects valuable information when and where it’s appropriate, and give them a reason and an easy way to get in touch.

11.  If everything clicks, they’ll call you.

But not until they check you out online. This could be the difference between success and failure. Get your digital house in order.

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