What Aviation Week Network’s 2019 Business Aviation and Marketers’ Research Means For 2020

To be honest, I was excited to see Aviation Week Network’s 2019 Business Aviation and Marketers’ Research published in September. It is 29 pages of charts and bar graphs showing 689 answers from industry decision-makers identifying industry concerns and determining trusted sources of purchasing information with a special focus on social media - honestly, a marketer’s dream.


If you aren’t like me, a numbers nerd, or actively looking for marketing research to study, don’t fret! I’ve poured over the report (several times) and determined what you, an industry professional, really need to know.

It is 29 pages of charts and bar graphs showing 689 answers from industry decision-makers...a marketer's dream.

Greatest Challenges Facing the Industry

The results from the 2018 Business Aviation and Marketers’ Research said that the majority of the respondents’ greatest challenges in the business aviation industry were staffing and labor shortages. This year, although staffing and labor shortages were still their greatest challenge, respondents’ concern for the political climate and world economy has seen a significant rise.

What that means for 2020: Staffing issues will continue to decrease, but the new year will bring a heightened awareness of the political climate and world economy as the 2020 U.S. elections fly forward. Keep an ear out as presidential candidates debate about trade policies (RE: your globally integrated supply chains), national defense, and environmental regulations for the aviation industry. And let’s not forget American airport infrastructure; remember when President Trump likened LAX to a “third world country”?

Advertisement + Promotion Strategy

The majority of respondents say print advertising is still the most influential in terms of purchasing. In terms of promotion, respondents are the most receptive when at trade shows, when seeing ads in publications, and at in-person meetings.

What that means for 2020: While print ads were the most influential, research found that the immediate next step for the majority of respondents was to do more research online. These findings mentioned business websites, reviews, and sometimes blogs. By this time next year, we think social media will be added to the list as people and organizations are embracing their brand and bringing it forward via social media.

Purchasing + Influence Trends

The majority of the 2019 respondents use online information for purchasing decisions; however, only 17% of respondents are influenced by social media to make purchasing decisions - down from 19% in the 2018 findings. What are the respondents looking for? Features, brand reputation, and pricing information.  

What that means for 2020: The availability of information online is imperative in making purchasing decisions for the respondents looking at company websites, reviews, and blogs. Though the influence of social media on purchasing decisions has decreased this year, we think it will start to rise again in the next couple of months as the most influential print ads lead people to learn more online. Make sure your online marketing strategies are up-to-date - and not just to influence purchasers, but to remain current on industry news, business updates, and to connect with others in the industry.

Social Media Practices

Survey says: LinkedIn is king when it comes to connecting with others in the business aviation industry. The majority of respondents get their news, business updates and view of company culture from social media.

What that means for 2020: The second preferred source for purchasing information is from a friend referral or colleague. Again, though social platforms aren’t the top choice for influencing purchasing decisions, the point of social media is connecting and those connections can lead to in-person meetings and friend referrals.

Aviation Week Network’s 2019 Business Aviation and Marketers’ Research clues us into what the purchasers of the business aviation industry are thinking. After reading this overview it’s my hope that you are able to move forward into 2020 confident in your marketing strategy. If not, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.