Tough Decisions Leading to Exciting Transformation

A lasting transformation takes commitmentYou may have noticed that the blog and resource content you were regularly seeing from BDN has slowed a bit. . . let’s be honest, you probably haven’t noticed (it’s okay, you get tons of emails – we get it!)  Our slowdown is purposeful, not an innovative new marketing ploy.

BDN purposefully decided not to attend Heli-Expo. It was a very difficult call, but our reasons were simple – we’re practicing what we preach.

BDN is in the middle of an exciting transformation, celebrating our 20th year by developing a new vision, new brand, stronger services, new content, and focused support for our clients. Yet, as a small, nimble business, we’re doing this while continuing to make our customers our first priority. Decisions to focus on the business and provide the best services and insight to guide your marketing efforts is important to us. One of the changes that we are making is to question what we've always done. It takes practice to stop and think about every action and decision. You often have to make hard choices, and some can be weirdly uncomfortable - one of the most significant for us was to purposefully decide not to attend Heli-Expo for the first time in 20 years. It was a very difficult call, but our reasons were simple – we’re practicing what we preach.

In every conversation and blog post, we share seasoned and sage advice with our clients and the industry regarding making the right decisions for your company now to support long term goals and growth.

As Heli-Expo neared, and to be honest, even while it was taking place, we went back and forth about how we could attend the show to connect with great friends and clients. We asked ourselves some very simple questions: Why are we going? What business goal does this align to? What is the ROI? Because the decision was so uncomfortable, we tried to justify why we should go, even though it did not line up with our goals. Feel familiar? We’ve been doing the same routine for so long, how could that change now?! What would that do to our business?! Then we took a step back and realized our vision was bigger than this one event and this one show wasn’t going to help us achieve our goals.

We asked ourselves:

Why are we going?What business goal does this align to? What is the ROI?

We talk about making the best decisions for your business, and for us, the best choice was to not attend and continue to focus on our vision, transformation and supporting our clients. This might not be the right decision for everyone, but it was for us, at this time. As next year rolls around, we will reflect back to see if it was the right choice and will openly re-evaluate the decision to attend. Trade shows are valuable tools for networking, keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry, learning about trends, and marketing your business. We don’t take missing such an important event as Heli-Expo lightly. 

We take the advice we share every bit as seriously as we hope you do. Sometimes there are hard decisions to make. Though when you make them for the right reasons, the benefits can be valuable. Will they always be immediate? No. BDN is not in it for the immediate gains. We are doing this because we care about the work we do for our clients and we want it to be sustainable for 20 more years. 

We’re dedicating this next year to completing our transformation, which will include increasingly valuable shared content, more strategic services to support our clients, and even stronger support for our clients. We’re excited about the changes coming and the increased aerospace marketing you’re going to see from BDN.

Stay tuned!