People’s Choice: A&D Marketers ID Preferred Publications

Aviation International NewsBecause our industry is served by more than 300 aerospace and defense publications, a comprehensive survey determining individual preferences is simply not feasible.

Instead, to identify and understand trends, we asked an open-ended question: “If you could only choose to advertise in a few industry publications (print or digital), what would they be?” By not requiring respondents to refer to a list of choices, we hoped to uncover trends in a more organic fashion.

Here’s what we learned, based on the number of write-in "votes" (shown below) for each publication, and congratulations to the top five: Aviation International News, Vertical, AOPA Pilot, Aviation Week & Space Technology, Flying, and Rotor & Wing.

Aviation International News, Vertical, AOPA Pilot
So, what do you think of the list? Is it consistent with your experiences? Whatever your opinion, we'd love to hear from you in the comments section and facilitate a dialogue about the role of advertising in aviation, aerospace and defense marketing.

Next Up:

Our series on the “The Role of Advertising in Aerospace and Defense Marketing,” will continue next week as we share verbatim comments from more than 100 industry marketing professionals who took our survey. Watch for it on April 19.

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