Introducing Aerospace Marketing Lab

BDN Aerospace Marketing is officially retired.

By the time you read this, we will have sent the last email, newsletter, blog, and social media posts from BDN Aerospace Marketing.

You can now expect future communications from Aerospace Marketing Lab! If you wish to update your email preferences, please do so here!


Good News!

Last year we celebrated our 20 year anniversary and after two decades of providing highly specialized - and successful - marketing strategy to the aerospace and defense industry, we took 2019 to reflect and develop our strategy for the next 20 years.

Coming into 2020, we realized our company needed to prioritize refining our services to better support our ever-transforming industry.

Aerospace and defense marketing demands successful strategy that reflects evolving trends, transitioning tech, and customer expectations, and though we stand out as an industry leader bringing progressive, high quality marketing to an industry heavily run by engineers, our new brand illustrates how we are evolving to support you.

What you can expect from Aerospace Marketing Lab

In practicing the marketing of today’s world, we developed our new name by the way prospects tend to find us - through online searches. “Aerospace Marketing” is a highly sought search term for finding companies that offer marketing services that serve our industry. “Lab” was added because we wanted to touch on the concept that with marketing comes experimentation and testing of ideas and concepts. We want Aerospace Marketing Lab to be a place where new ideas are developed and tested for success.

This year we will also be launching new branded programs with a goal of narrowing our focus to better support our clients and leverage our collective strengths. While this may sound counter to the experimental lab concept, it builds on the idea that over time we have tested many marketing techniques and know which are most successful for our industry. This also addresses the pain points we’ve seen in the industry and what clients need from us. 

We put our transformative strategic aerospace expertise to work for your success. It’s time to kick the tires and light the fires!

About Aerospace Marketing Lab

Aerospace Marketing Lab brings more than 20 years of complex aerospace marketing, sales, branding, and strategy development experience and insight to every customer. We understand aerospace’s complex marketing and sales models. We use this insider knowledge to break boundaries and raise aerospace and defense clients to the next level.