How to Be Successful With a Small Sales Team


If your company has a small sales team, it isn’t necessarily a disadvantage. For example, small teams are more likely to be innovative and efficient because they have to be. When there are fewer resources, you have to use everything at your disposal. Likewise, every member of the team has to contribute their best efforts to achieve successful outcomes. 

Whether your sales team is large or small, there are several strategies you can put into action to improve your team’s performance and deliver the results you want to grow your business.

1. Share Your Vision.  Make sure everyone on your sales team embraces the company’s vision of who you are and what you bring to the table. You want a team that is invested in your company’s success. Don’t just talk about goals and objectives. Ensure that you have set the groundwork with a strategic marketing plan tailored to your company goals and the objectives for the sales team. The plan should include sales metrics to monitor performance so you know if it is working or not.  A successful team doesn’t just do their jobs; they own their jobs.

2. Staff for Success. With a small team, every member is critical to achieving your sales goals. Each will be required to wear multiple hats in order to accomplish your objectives. Generating leads, negotiating terms, closing sales, and nurturing relationships require specific skills. Set your team up for success by providing them with clear expectations, the correct sales tools and invest in their continued growth by providing them with continual learning opportunities. 

3. Think Strategically About Your Customers. When you have a small sales staff, a clear target is crucial. Gather accurate sales intelligence about your prospect’s business, their pain points, budget, sales processes, and the key decision-makers. The more individualized the information, the better your chances of identifying a qualified target and closing a sale.

4. Automate. It is estimated that the average salesperson spends a third of their time selling, and up to half of their time doing administrative work. Maximize selling time using a customer relationship management (CRM) system. A CRM can improve follow-up consistency, deliver relevant sales and marketing messages, maintain a company’s history and contact information, track the sales process, and record meeting notes. Two highly rated CRM products are HubSpot and Salesforce, but there are plenty of other options to consider. 

5. Focus on Relationships. While technology can do a lot to organize your team and help generate new customers, there’s still one thing that is best done in person: build strong relationships. The aerospace and defense industry is competitive, and it’s tough if you’re new to the space. To expand your network attend local industry events and those sponsored by trade organizations. LinkedIn is a great prospecting tool and will help you foster relationships, obtain insights and information, and link to new contacts. 

6. Collaborate. A strong sales team needs an equally strong marketing team to get your product message to your clients. Whether you have in-house marketing staff, or if you work with an outside agency, these two teams should meet often and develop a collaborative rather than competitive relationship. 

The marketing team crafts messages to communicate the benefits of your company’s product or service and build awareness of your brand. The sales team are the experts at forging client relationships, identifying potential obstacles, and developing solutions to resolve customer concerns. Collaboration between the two groups is an unbeatable combination for your business. 

When you hire the right people who work together to achieve a shared vision and create an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration, a small sales team won’t be a disadvantage.

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