His Call Sign is Flash: A Podcast with Photographer Blair Bunting

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Most of the world knows commercial advertising photographer and Hasselblad Global Ambassador Blair Bunting for his iconic photos of high-profile celebrities and athletes. We know him as a fellow aviation geek who gets just as excited shooting an SR71 Blackbird for fun as he does photographing Sandra Day O’Connor for the front page of The New York Times. 

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BDN Art Director Nick Markwardt and Partner Kyle Davis recently had the opportunity to talk with Blair about how his love of aviation has intersected with his career as a commercial photographer — and the resulting interview was a bit like one of Blair’s flights in an F-16 — exciting, inspiring, and fun.


We invite you to listen in as Blair shares stories about flying in jets (“I was struggling to stay conscious”), his iconic shooting style (“it’s a celebration of light”) and his love of aviation (I’m obsessed with speed and physics”).

This BDN-exclusive podcast is only available here.


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