Four Aviation Marketing Trends that May Surprise You

It’s a time of unprecedented change for B2B marketers — perhaps even more so for those involved in aerospace and aviation marketing. There’s a seismic shift underway, and the bedrock of our traditional knowledge and belief system has started to crack.  We can embrace it, ignore it or fight it. But there’s no denying that change is in the air.

Plenty has been written about B2B marketing trends.  Every marketing guru is talking and blogging about the importance of mobile technology, the use of automation, personalization, big data and, of course, content.

But to really understand our own industry trends in a more meaningful way, we spoke to a group of marketers attending a recent industry event. Scientific? No. Enlightening? Yes.

Check out our marketing trends graphic below to see what they said.

BDN-2015-Aerospace-Marketing-Trends (2)

You can also download the graphic here.