For Your Success: 3 Reasons to Hire An Aviation Marketing Agency

Boosting reputation, visibility, and sales! Oh, my! The aerospace and defense industry is certainly not for the faint of heart, but what happens when you’re faced with one too many goals and not enough marketing manpower to handle the pressure? Do you build from within or reach out to skilled professionals to give you a helping hand?

CreativeTeam_01_1400x425For many organizations, an internal marketing team is not only advantageous, it is preferred. It makes sense when you have more control over workflow and its processes, the ability to keep costs relatively low, and communicate across departments and handle any crises that may arise in a timely manner.

But there are times when this approach just doesn’t pay off. 

Here are the three reasons that indicate it’s time to hire a marketing agency:

  1. Bottom Line Is Stagnant. Have you found yourself spending hours upon hours staring at a spreadsheet wondering, “How can we gain a competitive edge in the industry?” If the answer is yes, it may be time to outsource your marketing efforts. Strategic professionals (that’s us!) will be able to give you industry tips that will help attract new customers and bring in additional revenue. Having worked with quite a few different clients in the industry, we’ve seen the trends and have the intel that will give you a one-up on the realities of the aerospace business.
  2. Playing Catch-Up. Let’s face it: no one wants to fall behind on deadlines. It affects business engagement, supply management, ROI, and, not to mention, it puts your company’s reputation at risk. If you’re constantly playing catch up and unable to support and manage your branding, an outsourced firm could do some of the work for you. Informed by deep industry and marketing expertise, BDN work is style and substance at its best. We can help take your work to the next level.
  3. Budget Doesn’t Match Expertise. Staffing proves to be one of the greatest challenges in the industry as the aerospace workforce is aging, and hiring and training is a costly byproduct of running a business. If you’re a newer company that hasn’t quite built up the same reputation as that of industry leaders, it will be costly and often impractical to bring on top-notch talent, forcing you to hire lower-level employees who may not have the skill set to just jump right into important projects. This is why BDN Aerospace Marketing exists. Being aware of your financial restraints as a business will help navigate the decision between hiring and training employees or connecting with an agency that brings progressive, high-quality marketing, and skill level you need to fly forward.

The bottom line is that growth and sales suffer when ignoring these three tell-tale signs that you need experienced marketing professionals.

We are bringing progressive, high-quality marketing to an industry heavily run by engineers. Doing what is best for your company will help you secure leads and prevent them from falling right into your competitors’ arms. Because no one wants that, am I right?