BDN Favorites: Marketing to OEMs

Asking a marketer to pick a favorite blog is a little like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. But somehow, we did it.
This week we have decided to summarize and highlight a hot topic based on our most viewed and sought after blog content – Marketing to OEMs. Our experience in the industry proves that reaching OEMs is never easy, but these tips should help as you develop your marketing strategy and target this key audience.
Most aerospace companies that want to do business with OEMs have minimal success and a lot of frustration. It is not a quick process, but we've provided the tools and tactics in the blog to help you manage and reach your goals. Sometimes, you have to just get back to the basics of marketing in order to achieve your desired result. You can read the full blog post here
We are often asked by small and medium companies how they can pursue marketing to OEMs. They want to work with OEMs like Boeing or Lockheed, but aren't sure where to start. This past blog post outlines the key objectives you need to build a successful marketing campaign targeted specifically to this group. Read more here
Marketing to aerospace OEMs requires a smart strategy. The infographic shared in this past blog outlines actionable steps you can take to put your plan in place. Download the infographic here

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