Aerospace Advertising: What We Learned

When it comes to advertising, there’s one thing we can all agree on — things are changing.

Our month-long look at advertising was filtered through the lens of aerospace marketing professionals who shared their thoughts, experiences and insightful comments.

There were no true eureka moments — some findings were predictable and many a bit surprising — but we did learn a lot and uncovered several valuable takeaways.

Don't miss this downloadable visual summary of our advertising findings, insights and much more!


Don't miss this downloadable visual summary of our advertising findings, insights and much more!

While the survey shows that print is still important, the comments add some revealing caveats. Some marketers support print but characterize it as somewhat of a “necessary evil,” acknowledging that it is “unaccountable, expensive and slow,” yet driven by the belief that it is still necessary to reach older decision-makers.

Digital is valued because it is “trackable, targeted, and interactive,” and we are encouraged that marketers value measurement. Respondents are increasing their digital spending and most agree that digital advertising will ultimately displace print. The only real question is when it will happen. The cost difference between print and digital was mentioned quite frequently — BDN predicts that gap will close. As digital demand increases, prices will, too.

The comments make it clear that for the time being, print and digital are both important. As one respondent said, “an integrated strategy involving digital and traditional communications works best,” and this is a position BDN generally agrees with.

With clear goals and a smart strategy, the correct mix of tactics is generally quite clear, and for us, this is the key takeaway. Start with a sound strategy and the tactics will take care of themselves. This complete marketing plan template — customized for aerospace and defense — can help.

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