A Halloween Edition: Do We Trick, or Do We Treat?


New Social Media Trends

Similar to the concept behind tricking (being bold) or treating (which is expected), we at BDN take social media trends with a grain of salt. Being among the first to ride a wave is great, but riding the wave when it’s outdated simply cues the industry that you’re behind the times. 

We take an optimistic approach to marketing trends in general — particularly as they pertain to the aviation industry — and we define the lines between the expected, the bold and the too bold. Of course, our clients set the tone for how many boundaries they are willing to go beyond to give the industry the unexpected, and we are there to push them to just the right limits. 

We take an optimistic approach to marketing trends in general — particularly as they pertain to the aviation industry — and we define the lines between the expected, the bold and the too bold. 

In this post we’ll touch on social media trends with a long-lasting impact, as well as new trends for fat wallets. 

The Power Of Industry Influencers

Today’s “viral” is yesterday’s “word of mouth,” and it’s just as important as ever to your brand, particularly to your social presence. 

In aviation, relationships with OEMs, and the potential deals that follow, are consistent industry goals for many organizations. Now imagine that you have secured a deal with an OEM, and you perform so well that your OEM counterpart actually gives a glowing review of your product or service for everyone to see immediately via social media. 

That’s a powerful kind of influence marketing that cannot be bought, and gives bragging rights for years. Which segues nicely into… 

What Once Was Free Now Is Not

Relying on customers to give you testimonials and social call-outs certainly is a feather in your cap. Now companies are paying four and five figures to individuals, or industry influencers, they have identified as having a large following in their audience “sweet spot” to do the same. 

Or, trending now are Twitter “hashflags.” We know everyone loves a good emoji, and hashflags take it to the next level by allowing companies to design and buy an emoji that pops each time its hashtag is used. But beware: This trend will cost you. A lot. 

Silent Films Are Back

A great addition to social marketing is the use of what we like to call the silent video. As we know all too well, people have a habit of perusing social media at all times: at dinner with friends or family, in a boardroom meeting, while watching TV. This means that it has become annoying or inappropriate to actually hear the video. Thus, the onset of subtitles, so your followers can get your message without actually hearing your message. 

Diversification Isn’t Just For Financial Portfolios

In social media, things change fast. Years ago Facebook was in the lead, and now Snapchat ranks highly — and don’t forget LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. You have to go outside your comfort zone, and engage users on multiple social platforms to keep in front of your audience where they like to access information. 

The fact is, plenty of social media concepts and iterations pop up every day, and the aviation industry isn’t exactly known for moving quickly into new media and channels. That’s why you need to select the right marketers who understand the trends, will select the right platforms for your organization, and analyze the data to see exactly what it is your prospects and customers want. 

Whether your company likes to go bold and trick, or stay conservative and treat, social media allows you to have a voice, to get personal and to really have some fun with your messaging along the way, to endear your brand to your audience.