7 Keys to Breakthrough Messaging for Aerospace and Defense Marketers

Memorable, iconic messaging looks effortless, but it’s anything but. Drafting the right three words (like “Here Comes Hope”) may take three minutes – or three hours – but is essential to effective marketing.

But how do you do it? Well, the truth is, most people aren’t wired to write goose bump-inducing copy. It can’t be done by committee, and it is less likely to come from someone within the company. I’m not sure it can be taught – but do know that understanding how to recognize it is important for all aerospace marketers.

7 Keys to Effective Messaging

  1. Tells a story, succinctly
  2. Makes you feel something
  3. Is audience-centric
  4. Feels authentic
  5. Does not require an explanation
  6. Transcends the expected and the ordinary
  7. Has something extra – a spark of creative genius – that elevates everything and makes the message sing. We call it the X factor. And you can’t have effective marketing without it.

The United States Armed Forces consistently delivers exceptionally strong marketing campaigns anchored by some of the best messaging in our space.

We've featured a few examples here, but you can easily find more with a couple of quick searches.  They more than meet our criteria for inspired messaging. Do you agree?


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You'll find even more information about messaging in our Value Proposition Guide. It's an in-depth resource that includes actionable insights, a checklist to evaluate your own value proposition, industry examples, and more. Or, take a look at our Portfolio, to see work examples and inspiration, all specific to aerospace and defense.