5 Steps to Finding Your Niche

Question: Why do we need to establish niche marketing?

Answer: In a B2B, high dollar industry like aerospace and defense, it can be a crowded marketplace. Targeting your niche sets you apart from the fleet.


Finding Your Niche

1. What problems are you solving?

To answer this question, you need to know who you are, what you offer, and what the market looks like for your solution.

Let’s start with the Google Keyword Planner. Plug in some keywords related to your industry, potential new niche, and see which words and phrases get suggested. Narrow down the suggestions by monthly search volume and competition.

For search volume, stick to 1K-10K per month. Fewer than this means there is most likely not much of a market; any more and it may be too hard to compete with the current market shareholders.

For the competition, go with a low-medium search parameter. While this only explains how competitive the word or phrase is in AdWords and not in an organic search, it can still give you a general idea of organic search levels.

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2. Who has these problems?

After completing the Google Keyword search, the next step is to identify who is searching for those terms. Who is looking for your product/service to answer their problems?

Let’s take a look at your current email list. Set up a new campaign to focus on your new niche with A/B testing. Send email A with a subject line that includes past keywords to one subset of subscribers. At the same time, send email B with new, niche keywords included in the subject line to another subset of subscribers. This will help you determine who in your contact list is on board with your new niche.

Important Note: Ultimately, running one test will not amass fool-proof results. You can have the most fabulous subject line in the history of aerospace and defense email marketing, but if you send it with poorly written copy, it will produce poor results. The more tests run, the better the factual data on connecting with your new niche - and even current consumers - helping you fly forward.

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3. Who will pay to solve these problems?

This is the kicker. Go back to Google Keyword Planner, plug in your keywords, and view the suggested bids. Higher bids often indicate a high level of commercial intent, meaning people will pay more on ads with these particular keywords because they make more when they rank for those keywords.

By scoping out your potential audience and commercial intent, you can assess whether this specific niche market is worth concentrating on. Or whether it’s best to go back to the drawing board.

Who pays Aerospace Marketing Lab to solve problems? Engineer-run aerospace and defense organizations looking for effective marketing strategies for their products and services.

4. Who else provides solutions to these problems?

Yes, niche marketing is all about identifying a gap in the market in which nobody is currently occupying; however, there’s always a competitor lurking nearby. 

There are three main ways to compete:

  • On Quality: What products or services are your competitor’s providing? Can you create a better customer experience?
  • On Price: Is the competition overcharging? Can you make a higher quality product or service and market to those willing to pay more?
  • On Branding and Image: When it comes to branding and image in the aerospace and defense industry, we’ve found that many companies resist pushing the envelope. And this is where you can uniquely stand out.

By understanding the competition, creating an excellent product/service at the right price, being direct with your branding, you can successfully stand out.

How does Aerospace Marketing Lab compete? Aerospace Marketing Lab curates progressive, high-quality marketing strategies to expand traditional marketing boundaries while providing valuable resources to propel that action.

5. Test your idea.

Congratulations, it’s time to test your new niche! Here are a few practical steps to see how many people there are willing to put their money where their mouth is:

  • Update SEO terms and the new keywords you searched for in Step 1. Think about what people are searching for and use those items as blog post topics. You want to provide a ton of information for your users, but you also need to be careful of information overload (users will leave if they are overwhelmed). Help people find you.
  • Set up Google alerts for relevant keywords to observe the market, learn about competitors, and share relevant content with your audience.
  • Offer a trial period of your product or service to your new niche target customers.
  • Survey your target market. Post your survey anywhere you have contact with your target market: in your blogs, industry-related group, the mailing list you just set up, social media, etc.

How has Aerospace Marketing Lab tested our niche? Aerospace Marketing Lab (formerly BDN Aerospace Marketing) has over 20 years of experience providing marketing services for the aerospace and defense industry. This year, BDN Aerospace Marketing rebranded to Aerospace Marketing Lab after seeing our business transform over the last few years to guide clients in shaking up their marketing habits to reach new sales success levels, which is reflected in our new name.

Still unsure what niche marketing (or A/B testing in email marketing) looks like in practice? Contact us here, and we can talk more in-depth on what it would like specifically for your organization.

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