5 More Things Aerospace Marketers Should Be Doing Right Now


Tick-tock. As we mentioned last week, we don’t mean to cause a panic, but as of today there are 53 working days — a little more than 10 weeks — left until 2018. And while it may be too early to talk about resolutions, it’s the perfect time to start doing things that will position you for success in the year ahead.

1) Have lunch with the head of sales. 

We’ve written before about the sometimes-adversarial nature of the sales/marketing relationship. But this old paradigm has no place in modern marketing. Instead, true collaboration, with a focus on maximizing revenue achievement, is key, as is recognizing that the two functions need one another to be successful. Lunch isn’t the answer, but it’s a step in the right direction.

2) Get the resources you need.

Don’t wait for a finance person to tell you how much budget you’re going to get next year. Go to your boss right now with an airtight business presentation that changes the conversation about the role, purpose and needs of a professional marketing organization. Don't spend time debating the merits of specific trade shows, advertising or other low-level tactics. Instead, elevate the discussion so you are not talking about outputs — keep the focus on outcomes. Tell your boss what you need to meet organizational objectives and explain exactly what he or she can expect in return. This budget-planning checklist  <http://flyforward.bdnaerospace.com/tk-budget-planning-checklist> may help.

3) Prepare for the worst.

One day you’re minding your own business. The next thing you know, the President is tweeting about your company. Or one of your aircraft has been involved in an accident. Or an employee is accused of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, there is a long list of things that could go wrong for your aerospace business. But the good news is that being prepared can make the difference between PR success and disaster. This PR Toolkit <http://flyforward.bdnaerospace.com/tk-pr-tool-kit>, including a Crisis Communications White Paper, is a great way to learn more.

4) The real key to 2018 success is a strategic marketing plan  <http://flyforward.bdnaerospace.com/tk-marketing-planner> that is driven by goals, backed by research, and executed in a consistent and professional manner. It’s an in-depth, time-consuming project that generally takes about six weeks to complete, but it’s hard to be successful without a plan like this. Yours should include:


Situational analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)
Competitive Review
Market Overview

Target Audience(s)

Goals, Objectives and Strategy

Visual Design

Tactical Implementation (individual tactics will vary)

Master Calendar
Sales Tools
Ad Strategy and Plan
PR Strategy and Plan
Content Strategy and Plan
Website Strategy and Plan
Trade Show Strategy and Plan
Social Media Strategy and Plan 



This planner <http://flyforward.bdnaerospace.com/tk-marketing-planner> has lots of actionable ideas, useful tips and helpful information.

5) Starting thinking ahead. Way ahead.

By thinking ahead we mean beyond your one-year strategic marketing plan. What do the next five or 10 years have in store for the industry and your business, and what role will Communications and Marketing need to play to support your business goals and success? This is the kind of vision and business-centric thinking the C-Suite appreciates and it’s one of the things that helps earn marketers a seat at the table.

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"5 Things Aerospace Marketers Should Be Doing Right Now”